Broward Country Optometric Association, Inc. Bylaws

(Adopted from the Dade County Optometric Association By-Laws, 1972)


Section A. NAME: The name of this association shall be “Broward County Optometric Association” Inc. hereafter referred to as the Association.

Section B. Location: The principal office of this Association is to be located in Broward County, Florida.


To advance, improve and enhance the vision care of the public; to unite optometrists; to encourage and assist in the improvement of the art and science of Optometry; to elevate unceasingly the standards and ethics of the profession of Optometry; to protect and defend the inalienable right of every person to the freedom of choice of practitioner; to restrict the practice of Optometry and any part of it to those who have been trained, qualified and licensed to practice the profession for benevolent purposes; to maintain an active affiliation with the Florida Optometric Association, Inc., the American Optometric Association, Inc., and the Southern Council of Optometrists, Inc.; to maintain the general advancement and improvement of the optometric profession; to encourage research and scientific development in the field of ocular health, visual analysis and correction; to aid in the prevention of visual deficiencies through public education; to conduct a vigorous public relations program designed to enhance the value of the name of the association and increase its prestige; and to produce a publication or newsletter.

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